5 Tips to Create the Optimal Class Schedule

Learning from your mistakes is great. Learning from others’ mistakes is amazing. Now that my first year of university is over, I’ve had the time to look back at the mistakes I made throughout the year. Adapting myself to the university workload wasn’t much of an issue to many people’s surprise. My biggest struggle lied... Continue Reading →

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How to “Bounce Back”

Falling behind the right way is very important if it's a strategy you need to employ, but the most important part is getting back on track in all of your classes. However, there is one  crucial point to keep in mind that I should have mentioned in my previous article: If you're going to fall behind,... Continue Reading →

Nouveau semestre, nouvel(le) étudiant(e)

Bonne année 2017 à tous! Je vous souhaite le bonheur, la santé, le succès et toutes les bonnes choses pour cette grande année! Malheureusement, pour nous les étudiants, la nouvelle année marque l'arrivée d'un nouveau semestre (ou des examens pour les étudiants au secondaire).Plusieurs étudiants commencent le semestre avec des buts scolaires très ambitieux, persuadés... Continue Reading →

Quick Tips for Quick Success

I’ve recently finished my first semester (and best semester ever, grade wise) of university in Economics. Combine that with my love for helping people in need and we’ve got some quick tips for quick success in school. 1.Prepare. EVERYTHING. Plan with a calendar and task manager at the beginning of each week AND every day... Continue Reading →

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